Juan Luis Londoño was born on January 28, 1994 in Medellín, Colombia. Son of Marlli Arias and Luis Alfonso Londoño, he has an older sister named Manuela. He is fond…

Juan Luis Londoño was born on January 28, 1994 in Medellín, Colombia. Son of Marlli Arias and Luis Alfonso Londoño, he has an older sister named Manuela. He is fond of sports, especially football, which he practiced for eight years in a row and was part of the lower divisions of the national athletic teams and the sports Club La equity. Passionate about music, he was enthusiastic and was gradually making his acquaintance at home and the school, where he had his first approach to the public in a singing competition. Thus, his classmates were the first to hear the voice of Juan Luis Londoño Arias singing I feel like, a song by songwriter and songwriter Andrés Cepeda. His audience gave him the first place of the competition without hesitation.

At the age of 15, Juan Luis composed a song called I do not want, that surprised the musical producers and proposed to him to record a record, not without before warning him that it should use a more sonorous name, easy to remember and well received among the followers of the urban genre. It was then, as the idea arose to take the first syllables of the names of the most important people in his family to create an original one. Thus, the syllables of Marlli, the name of his mother, Louis, that of his father and, Manuela, that of his elder sister, gave life to Maluma.

His jump to fame was in the year 2011 in Colombia with the simple Maluma and debut of his album Magia. The following year, after unveiling the themes crazy and obsession, Maluma launches a new easy to have fun, reaching the top positions in the charts of Latin America.  His talent led him to be nominated for the Latin Grammy Award as Best New Artist in the year 2013, which also took his name outside the borders of his native country. Since then, Maluma has made presentations on important international channels, concerts everywhere, as well as the inclusion of his songs in the top positions of the most popular music lists.

On October 30, 2015, the launch of Pretty Boy, Dirty boy globally, occupying the first sales position in the United States, according to the Top Latin Album listing of Billboard; Immediately, the single erased cassette ranked first on Billboard’s Latin Air Play charts. From this album, other successes Like the loser and without contract were detached. In 2014 and 2015, Maluma participated as judge and coach in the La Voz Kids television program and, in October of that same year, took his first steps as an entrepreneur in his first line of clothing.

In February 2016, he participated in the awards ceremony Lo Nuestro, where he played the song Pa ‘ Mayté, a tribute to Carlos Vives, and the song from that night along with Thalia. In the year 2017, he was invited as artist and jury for the Festival Viña del Mar in Chile, during that date the song is released blackmail, in collaboration with Shakira, which became a worldwide success immediately, as well as the theme come PA ‘ ca with the famous p Uertorriqueño Ricky Martin.

Maluma is considered by specialized critics as one of the most impacted urban music artists in Latin America, winner and deserving of countless awards and recognitions in the world of music.