In this section you will be able to know the services that we provide to our clients

Editorial Administration

WK Entertainment offers its artists a legal and financial support, including a personalized administrative plan for each of them.

Editorial Advisory

We provide individual advice to each of our artists in terms of music production, promotion and marketing. We cover the different forms of the market and the distribution while we preserve the intellectual property of the authors.

Official Bookings

Among other services we also specialize in contracting and managing everything related to sales, marketing presentations and shows under economic conditions agreed between the artist and the manager. We focus on the economic growth of our artists. Our priority is to obtain as many presentations as possible for our artists.

Artistic Promotion

We are known for being a modern and original company. We use certain special strategies to obtain greater expansion of our artists. The digital domain in which we move allows us to dedicate ourselves to each of its modalities of recognition and positioning in the market.